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Hand Held Metal Detectors [HHMD]

Our broad range of carefully designed hand held metal detectors with and without vibrators serve as ideal security devices for detecting metal on human body or frisking object.  It is designed and manufactured as per related IS (Indian Standards). It is designed in such a way that it does affect an in-planted pacemaker. It is designed with special attention. So its frisking over object will be easy and fast. Due to its ultra high sensitivity it is an ideal detector for jeweler and precious metal industries and VIP security Battery charger is a standard along with every detector.

Salient Features
  • Detects Ferrous and non-Ferrous material
  • High sensitivity
  • Built in charger
  • Indicator for detection, low battery, power, etc.
  • Light Weight but strong ABS or FRG body
  • Compatible to rechargeable and dry battery pack as per requirement
  • Audio and visual alarm facility to draw attention of the operator
  • Optional earphone facility
  • Compact size for easy operation.
  • Change over between Rechargeable and Dry battery pack gives uninterrupted operating
  • Indicator for detection, charging, Power, Low battery etc.
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass, Copper, Mild and stainless steel are detected effectively
  • Harmless for heart patients and pregnant women with pace maker
  • Easy facility for sensitivity adjustment
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Convenient indication panel
  • Audio socket for external earpiece (optional)

Walk In Metal Detector [WIMD]

We provide single zone and multi zone door metal detectors. If metals are present in one more zones, than corresponding zones are indicated on the human geographical zone indicator and also on the front panel led arrays.

Single door- Salient Features
  • Continues wave Technology.
  • Detect Ferrous and non Ferrous Metal Alloys.
  • Multiple Audio Signal (Min. Three Sound).
  • Self Calibration auto setting systems.
  • Three level visual signal (LOW,MEDIUM & HIGH)
  • 2x16 blue Backlight LCD for in/out 6 Digit Counting.
  • Fully Protected operating Control and Visual indication case of any accident
  • Operating frequency 15 to 20 KHz, no effect on Pacemaker and Pregnant women and Magnetic Media.
  • 10 digit LED Bar Graph
  • Walk/ stop Indicator on both side
  • 9 Level Adjustable sensitivity
  • Fully ABS Laminated Control Panel and Search Head
  • In-Built IR Sensors(Infrared Sensors ) to avoid false metal Detection
  • Transmitter, Receiver Coil Technology Systems
  • Complete Detachable systems with good Quality Connector
  • Complete Protection form Out Side Moving Metal
  • Min. 12 Hours Battery Backup Systems

    Multi Door Salient features
    • Micro controller based Auto setting, Self test program and system fault indicator.
    • A camera connected inside the detector which captures the face of the person walking around and the image seen of PC screen with the image and metal level using text on video technology
    • Key pad (password protected) for setting parameters to control MZDFM detector.
    • Sensitivity setting for Individual zones and overall (from 0 to 255).
    • Threshold setting for Individual zones and overall (from 0 to 255).
    • Continuous detection:-Audio visual indication for metal detection by. LED on the side arrays

    (i) Human Geographical Zone Indicator
    (ii) LED Bar Graph (optional LCD bar graph display
    (iii) LCD (4 line * 40 Characters) (Viewing area 140.45 mm* 30.00mm)
    (iv) Programmable Audio tones (choice of 3 tones) for Metal detection

    • Continuous display of sensitivity and threshold for all zones.
    • Choice of indication average or maximum metal detection.
    • Operating frequency below 20 KHz (As per NIJ Standards 0601.02) safe for cardiac Pace maker, Film and magnetic recording material.
    • WALK-STOP indicator to control the flow of traffic on walk side.
    • Light Intensity (Low, Medium, and High) threshold selection.
    • SMD Technology.
    • Ease of maintenance.
    • Large walk-through area.
    • Speed: Normal walking speed, sensitivity must be immune to Walking speed.
    • Control Unit: Multiple Micro controller based (fitted in the head assembly), With LCD, Keypad, Human Geographical, Walk/Stop.

Intercom systems

Intercom systems can be used in residential buildings, complexes, and offices.