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H.S. Solar located in Chembur, Mumbai is a partnership firm installing Solar, LED products such as Solar Water Heaters, Solar Home Lighting Systems, Solar Lanterns, Solar Street Lights & LED fittings.

Our Solar products are approved by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt. Of India, New Delhi. The company is also empanelled with MEDA (A Govt. Of Maharashtra Undertaking) for Solar Photovoltaic based products and ISI Marked Flat Plate Collector type Water Heating System.

Solar energy is a source of natural energy which is generated by heat of sun rays. In INDIA specially in Maharashtra , we have almost 9 months clear sun rise which helps solar products to work efficiently. For this energy we don’t have to pay a single rupee, only we have to utilise that energy by some technology which we have to install by spending some money. Also this energy don’t have any harmful side effects (adverse effects) to the human body. It’s a energy which is human friendly as well as environment friendly.

Solar products are more durable, long lasting, maintenance less, cost saving than any other energy products in long term basis. As a primary solar seems to be costly but in long run it saves our money.

Day by day electricity is getting costlier also shortage to consume. Solar energy is the best replacement to the electricity. In this way we can save electricity as well as our valuable money also. By doing this we are also helping our state & nation to save human generated energy.